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10 Actions You Can Take Right Now to Grow Your Business

We all want to grow our business, but sometimes it’s hard knowing where to start. Here are a handful of small tasks that you can do within a few minutes to grow your actions to grow your businessbusiness right now:

1, Write a blog post

It only takes about 10 minutes to write a blog post. Just write down some of your knowledge that your readers will find helpful. You could do a top 5 or a top 10 list. You could even add more to it later on so that it can be reused as an article or in your newsletter. Every piece of content can be reused, so it’s well worth the investment. Once your post is up, then be sure it goes out on Twitter and on Facebook.

2. Write a few postcards

These can be notecards or thank you notes to your clients. If you’ve got clients who consistently refer clients to you – then it’s nice to let them know that you appreciate their support.  It’s always nice to receive a handwritten card in the post.

3. Comment on some blogs

Pick out out a handful of blogs that you either really want to connect with or those that you’d like to get to know the owner or writers.  Leave a comment to let them know that you are reading their content and you appreaciate it. If you’re smart, you’ll choose blogs that will help get you in front of your target market.

4. Jump onto Facebook and have a spree

Within just a few mintues it’s possible to update your fan page status and even your own. Write a couple of comments to those people who you want to connect with for business purposes.

5. Use a Social Media Scheduler

Hoosuite is great for scheduling social media updates such as Twitter or Facebook. You can stay in touch whilst you are off doing something else.

6. Send a short note to your email list recommending a great resource.

If you’ve come across something very useful lately that you think your readers would be interested in, give them a review. They’ll be glad to hear about something that has saved you time, money or frustration and energy.

7. Get in touch with a person that you’d like to know.

You don’t need to have a reason to connect to them. Just send them a short note telling them that you appreciate their blog posts, articles or newsletters.

8. Be a ‘matchmaker’

Sit down and think for a moment of somebody who you know could work with somebody else. If they can help each other then introduce them. You’ll be able to think of plenty of people within just a few minutes.

9. Go and mingle on a forum

People always ask questions on forums. Go and help them out by giving them a few answers. You can always save those questions for reuse in your content too.

10. Pull out something that’s been forgotten to build your business

We’ve all got blog posts, articles or some other ideas that didn’t get taken through to fruition. Go and pull out something that you’ve been meaning to do for a long time – something that you know will really help to build your business.

OK, over to you. It’s time to get started. Pick one of these and get going on it to build your business!

Get ready, go!


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