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Pennies – 100% Growth in The Last Year

I was listening to BBC Radio 2, whilst I attended to my marketing duties for my customers, and suddenly I heard a familiar name. The name of one of my clients – Pennies.

The reporter was particularly excited as it was a good news story – fairly unusual it seems in this ocean of economic troubles that the western world appears to be swimming in. Martin Lewis, the financial savings guru, came on to the microphone and explained how Pennies has made a big name for itself by enabling micro-donating.

Now I am not actively working with Pennies currently, but I’m so excited that they’ve made such progress. The CEO is a lady that I was personally headhunted by back in the 1990’s to work in the marketing department of the banking sector of IBM in London.

Pennies has enabled 3.5 million microdonations that benefits 50 different charities.

Pennies has enabled 3.5 million microdonations in the past couple of years and continue to attract some big name retailers such as Monarch Airlines, DFS (furniture) and Barclaycard. They started from practically nothing and have come this far. That’s very inspriational – in particular in this financial climate, and good news for the 50 odd charities that their work benefits.

As you know I haven’t written any blogs for sometime, but this good news has jolted me back into action and I’m going to get back to blogging. However, they’ll be more the useful type of blogs as opposed to news items.

In the meantime, if you want to check out Pennies for youself- follow the link through.

Other than that, I’ll be back in a few days with something useful for you.


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