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Top 10 Forums Every Small Business Should Belong To

small business forums imageEvery small business neeeds all the help it can get when it’s just starting out – and these forums definitely help. Meeting new business partners, clients and networking with like minded people can speed up the growth cycle.

1. Start Up Nation

In the region of 120,000 entrepreneurs are accessible through this free service. You can find small business forums, advice, networking and podcasts to get you on your way to being the success that you envision.

forums small business


2. Small Business Forums.Org

You’ll find polls, discussion areas, financial and strategy help in this forum based resource. With over 33,000 members, there’s bound to be somebody who can help you get your business established.

small business forums


3. Small Business

Franchise information, marketing advice, business law and insurance all feature in this forum with over 400,000 members.  The site also provides help with finding business opportunities.

networking forums




This site not only has a thriving forum area for over 20,000 entrepreneurs, but you can source consultants to help you with your strategy, branding, pricing or positioning.

small business forum



5. Admin Zone

If you’re struggling to get your online community up and running, then try out the Admin Zone. You can join in on discussions on how to take your social media connections from 10 to 30,000.

online community forum



6. Social Media Examiner

Another powerful online community building forum, this time from the well respected Social Media Examiner. Mingle with people who know how to explode your social media presence.

social media forums


7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has thousands of groups and you’ll find at least one for every industry. Find new clients, ask questions and cement your reputation as an expert by using the Answers tool.


8. Digital Point

Not only a discussion forum, but a resource on how to get the best from the internet, your website and tools.


9. Fast Lane Forum

Almost 10,000 members discuss motivation, marketing, entrepreneurship and the fast lane to millions. You’ll find inspiration and energy in this forum for those who are determined to get ahead.



10. YoungEntrepreneurs

Here’s the perfect networking and resource for youngsters who are eager to make their mark in the business world.






Forums really can help small businesses to get ahead. They’re great for finding customers and for building relationships with other people who can help you. Approach them like industry trade shows, look for people who you think could help you, and who you can help. Ensure that you add value by making useful comments, ask questions and make the most of the profile signatures to link back to your site and products.

  1. I really enjoy the good ole fastlane forum.

    Great book too.


  2. Hi Amella, I’m a huge fan of Digital Point but lately I’ve been getting infractions and they aren’t even nice enough to tell you why or who they simply warn you it’s rather irritating…

  3. Great list. Are these all dofollow sites for the purposes of SEO?

  4. Hi Amelia,

    Just wanted to thank you for this top-notch resource, nothing much to add other than that. Was surfing for a list of UK business forums for an in-flight project and found everything on one page. You have another follower 🙂


  5. This was so useful! I have now signed up to all these forums and will now network and swap marketing tips. Thanks, great article.

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