Besides case studies, white papers, LinkedIn profiles and pages, I also offer a few more products. Here are some ideas and rates to upgrade your copywriting and marketing.

good words are an investment in your business and your success


Elevate your image on LinkedIn with an improved LinkedIn profile. It's not easy knowing what to write or how to write it - I've written hundreds. Budget £120 for a complete rewrite.

linkedin profile

Share some news, sell or connect with prospects through your blog post. Communicate who your business is, how you work and showcase your successes.  Budget £80 for 1000 words.

blog posts

Inspire prospects to hire your company or introduce a service.  Great for trade shows, mail shots or to hand out in your location.  Budget £350 per 8 pages. 

corporate brochure

Inspiring copy for a basic website with home page, 'about' page plus three or four other pages for your services or products.  Starts at £80 per page.

web copy

An engaging and inspiring 20 page ebook with designed front cover, royalty free images to educate about your industry. Starts at £450.


A set of email templates that can be customised with your brand voice and language to stay in touch with your clients and customers. Starting at £150.

email templates

Copywriting that hooks you new customers and makes you more money

Marketing Products

Discover how you can leverage your existing client base and make them even happier at the same time! 

Discover 6 new ways to grow your business without getting new clients

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