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Being consistent with blogging is a real challenge. Finding the time, the topics that your readers want and sitting down to write all that is much harder than it seems. 

Having somebody do it for you means you get found and you get the traffic but you you can take blogging off your list! 

Blogging Subscriptions
to save you the trouble!!

PSSST...Finding it hard to blog on a consistent basis? 

Turn over the writing to somebody else and get a blog subscription plan. Get the website traffic and readers, but not the work! 

You've got too much to do and not enough time. Your strengths are not in writing blog posts and you'd rather not have to do it but it needs to be done. 

Are you struggling with all the work that goes into marketing your business?

Truth Talk

You need a blogging subscription plan today. 

  • I'm sick of having to write blog posts
  • I hardly write any but it's always on my mind
  • I'm falling behind with my website traffic
  • I don't feel I'm satisfying or connecting to new clients
  • I've put so much work in but am getting little back
  • I want to do the work I love and not blogging

if this sounds familiar...

Let me know

Once it's done, you'll be in a different place altogether!

Writing out all the blog posts, and doing the marketing and that's before you even do any of the 'real work' to help your customers. 

Outsourcing the blogging to somebody else really helps to take the strain off and it's what my customers do every month. 

I know how frustrating this and so do the other customers who hire me! 

You can count on me give you what your website needs!

It's vital that you keep feeding your website with fresh content so that you've got a strong online presence. Google rewards those who help their readers by providing informative and engaging content on a regular basis. 

You need fresh content for your website.

Having somebody write blogs for you that are search engine friendly, are on the topics that your customers want to read and hit the spot when it comes to showcasing your authority in the topic - is what will set you up for online success. 

And this is why I offer these 
blogging subscriptions

drumroll please

People will know you're active in your business and ready to help them. Nothing looks worse than a dead blog! 

Look alive

Know that your website is promoting you globally 24/7 with all the right material to market your business. 

have confidence

Show up more in the search engines so that you get found by new clients regularly. 

Perform better

Showcase what you know so that you're seen as a credible authority in your field that people follow for advice. 

a credible expert

Educate your clients on why they need your products and services and what a difference they make. 

increase your sales

With relevant keywords and engaging content that people want to read and share. 

get found

Blogging subscriptions to keep your website visible, engaging and useful. 

You choose what suits your business and your budget. 

Bronze Blogging Subscription - 4 x 600 word blogs every month with all the right keywords on the topics that interest your customers. Every blog is unique and well written to put you up there with the influencers.

Silver Blogging Subscription - 4 x 1000 word blogs every month. Keywords and topics that engage your readers. Each blog post is unique and written to interest your prospects and clients. 

Gold Blogging Subscription - 4 x 2000 word blog posts every month. You'll come across as an expert and have all the keywords added in the right spots so that your website gets found more. 

Please note that the best results come from longer and more detailed blog posts. 

blogging subscription options

What Do You Get?

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"Amelia was really great! She did everything possible for me to ensure that my cv and LinkedIn summary would make me get my dream job ASAP!!he was super patient with me and edited & reviewed each work several times until it was just perfect."

"Was clear on schedule and incorporated feedback as if we had worked together for years."

"A pleasure working with Amelia, she understood the brief and delivered engaging content.."

Yes you can. Most people feel like they don't need to, but if you want to be sure I understand the brief, then we will arrange a phone call. 

can i speak with you about what i want?


Frequently Asked Questions

Not to worry, we will ensure that you do like it and will discuss topics and headlines beforehand so that we are on the same page. 

what if I don't like what you write? 

I have been writing for fifteen years so I've written hundreds of them. 

how many of these have you written? 

Yes you can, and you can also see them in my blog too. 

can i see a sample?

  • I'll advise you on what's missing and what should be added to ensure that your blog is a success. 
  • I will send you a complete report of what you need to do to get it into the best shape for the most success.

Bonus #2  review of your blog

  • Find out the top 50 elements that are necessary on every website for it to be successful in business. 
  • 12 page downloadable book written by myself

Bonus #1   website ebook

In Addition to a Blog Subscription, You'll Also Receive...


I am very just and honest and I stand by my word. Let's make this a partnership where we both work towards creating a great blog that gets you where you want to be. I will need your input too. 

If for any reason you're not satisfied and you don't think you can use what I write for you - I will give you a full refund.  Please read the small print paragraph below this one.

My Promise

my guarantee

Money Back Guarantee



gold blogging subscription

business package


silver blogging subscription 

get found easier


bronze blogging subcription


Get the Traffic and Customers You Want





Here's what you'll be missing out on if you don't sign up now for your new blogging subscription with a month's worth of blogs written by a professional.

it's challenging to keep pumping out blog material every month whilst still doing your 'day job' with helping your customers. By handing it over you can free yourself of that extra strain and put it into the hands of somebody who knows what's necessary to help your website in search results. 

Every blog post is written to include the keywords you need to support your website with visibility. Each blog post is also written to engage your customers whilst educating them on your field. The outcome is that you've got greater visibility and you also come across as the professional expert. 

Still thinking about it?

Here's the deal...

xo, Amelia

No matter your niche, I can most likely help. The areas that I'm not comfortable are beauty and fashion. 

We will work together so that you get found for the topics that mean the most to you and your business. 

The outcome will be greater visibility, you'll look like an authority and your website will perform better which will grow your business.

Let's go!!! 

I've been writing blog posts for more than 15 years and I know what's required. 

Here’s why I'm the right person for this.. 

  • Get found by more people
  • Show up in the search results
  • Showcase your knowledge
  • Educate your prospects and clients
  • Keep your website alive and healthy 
  • Show to others that you're still in business

A blogging subscription helps you to

We'll show what you know and why people should hire you or your business to solve their challenges. 

show who you are and what you can do

Your site will be found by more people and you confidently share it on your business card or elsewhere knowing it's up to date and interesting. 

feel confident  to share your website

Sign up for a new
blog subscription today and you'll be setting yourself up for success:


You'll be able to grow your business as you'll engage more prospects, grow your business and your income. The future is bright! 

Let's get to it, shall we? 

How will your life change when you have your new Blogging Subscription?  

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