• uk copywriter

    It's not just about telling people about your products, it's about telling the right people and making the product a 'must-have'.

    The results? Business growth and increased revenue.

  • uk copywriter

    We don't just have experience in copywriting, we also have extensive knowledge of effective online marketing techniques.

    Contact us today to get found by new clients.

  • Business owners have their hands full. Not only are there all the customer related tasks, there's also the accounting, the tax filing, the hiring and firing.... It's never ending.

    Affordable marketing solutions for the serious business owner.

What we do

We provide businesses with sales letters, website copy, email marketing copy, newsletters, SEO press releases, blog posts, articles and more.

We've worked with a variety of niches and businesses but if we were to tell you what our specialist topics are we'd say tradesmen and online marketing businesses.

Our customers say that what they like best about us is that we 'hold' their hand as we build their businesses with them. We offer suggestions and ideas that they can select from.

Our main philosophy is that we like win/win. We love happy customers and go out of our way to ensure that ours are.

We use a proven technique to get into the mindset of your prospects.We are also SEO practitioners and know stack loads about online marketing!
"The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time."
-Thomas Jefferson
“Would love to work with again. Very professional and a great grasp of the task set. Amelia went above and beyond the call of the job and exceeded my expectations” Read more testimonials...

Why choose us?

  • We have the skills to make your business successful
  • We understand because we are a small business
  • We're affordable
  • We know ways to stretch your budget
  • We work with you to understand and analyse your needs
  • We are focused on helping you, partnering with you and succeeding with you

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Amelia Champion is a pubished author, copywriter and marketer who is passionate about helping small businesses succeed online. Known for 'holding the hands' of clients when it comes to internet marketing, "Amelia continually adds value to make a very affordable service outstanding."