• You want more customers. Marketing is outside of your expertise but you need to attract prospects and hook them. 

• Your online presence is messy and weak, it's not promoting you and you almost feel ashamed to invite people to connect with you or your business.

• You're growing, you've got some great goals to work on and you're ready to achieve them for you, your family and your future! 

If you feel the following things,
i'm here to help:

If you could make one change to your marketing material today, what would it be? What would take your marketing up a notch for more sales and more success?  

Powerful copywriting connects with new prospects and leads them along the sales path to buy from you or hire you.

Calling all business owners who are ready to level up their marketing game


why amelia champion?

powerful copywriting means more clients and more money

Credibility is at the core of all sales. People have to know that you or your business are up to solving their issue. Establishing credibility is critical for your buyers to trust that you can 'do the job'. 


Clarity is a vital element of good copywriting. Exactly what you offer and why someone should buy from you needs to be clear from the first sentences. Your prospects must also feel inspired about the outcome. 


Good copywriting gives you the confidence you need to grow, connect to others and expect the sale. With powerful words behind you, nobody will doubt you - no, not even you! 


What I believe

attract an increase of good customers by using powerful case studies, white papers and LINKEDIN profiles & company pages

Over the last decade I've helped more than 1000 small businesses with their marketing. I've seen the results first hand and learned the best way to communicate with clarity.

Now you're ready to grow your business, I'm here to help you take it to the next level.  Let's get started with inspiring your prospects to hire you or buy from you.   

My work begins with getting  to know your business and your target market intimately. I will send you questions so that I can clearly understand what you offer and who to.

Then I'll create a draft for you using the tone and voice of your brand. You can confirm if I'm going the right way and we can make adjustments.

The outcome is compelling copywriting with a credibility that will hook you more customers and grow your business.  

the right words build a connection with your prospects and build loyalty with existing customers

My first role in the marketing world was at IBM in London over a decade ago. However, it wasn't until I had my own online business that I learned how to write truly effective copy.

I soon discovered that if I did it well, I could make money in my sleep from selling products. Using words to connect to customers and influence their buying decisions is now something I do every day.  My clients are those who need copy that gives them credibility and connection to their customers.

I'm Amelia and I've helped 100s of businesses to connect to new customers and grow

Well hello... 

• Discover six easy ways to grow your business with just your current customers

• Focus on one of the most powerful areas of your marketing for growth - it's not only easier but far more effective

• I'll show you how you can make more income from your existing client base at the same time as making them happier!! Win win for everybody! 

discover how to grow your biz and make your existing customers even happier!

Grow Your Biz!

Discover how you can leverage your existing client base and make them even happier at the same time! 

Discover 6 new ways to grow your business without getting new clients

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