My work focuses on improving your commercial results. I create copy that connects with your customers and attracts them to what you have to offer.  The result is that you’ll finally feel like and become the successful business owner that you set out to be.   

Copywriting that connects to prospects, grows your business and your income 

Copywriting Services

Hours of Googling how to do things, hours of trying to perfect your strategies but none of it’s working. You need help. 

you're wasting time and not making sales

You know it’s not up to scratch, it’s not in line with the target market you want to sell to. You’re fed up and want it resolved. 

your website copy is not working for you

Your weak marketing is not connecting to new customers and you just want somebody to fix it once and for all. 


Hands up if you feel...

• The financial security that you want can be yours.

• You can enjoy the good things that come from a successful business - that same business that you've set your heart on developing and growing.

• You feel confident and have peace of mind that you can continue with the life you love and have more time to yourself. 

Imagine waking up each day to a thrilling and exciting new day - your business and your life are all going to plan

This could be yours...

Using the power of words, I will write for you to not only get your unique marketing message across, but to resonate with your buyers. By inspiring, and giving your company or service credibility, people who are looking to buy what you offer will be attracted to what you have.

- Tracey, D.

Fabulous. I've already identified a few more projects that I'm going to ask Amelia to handle for me. Highly recommended.

"Fantastic communication and a high quality case study produced" 

"After over ten years of her inspiration and expertise behind me, my business has become well established with more than 40 staff. She's the engine behind our online presence."

"amelia does both my copywriting and my marketing leaving me free to run my business!"

• Written in the tone of voice and language that appeals to your target market.

• Elevates you and your business to a level that will give you authority and classify you as an expert.

• Compete strongly against your peers in business and employment.

Linkedin profiles and company pages showcase what you and your business can do:

• A powerful marketing tool for influencing the decision-making process of your current and prospective customers. 

•  Help your prospects to decide whether your business and products are the right investment

• Your prospects can discover how to get the best from your products.

prove your expertise and your solutions 

• Help clients to imagine how you can help them. They can clearly see what you've done and see measurable results. 

• I will interview your customer for you or provide the questions for you to ask. The right questions mean a high quality output. 

• A  case study to educate your prospects about what they can gain from working with you. 

give your prospects the proof and credibility they need to buy. demonstrate what you've done for other clients: 

Case Study

White Paper

LinkedIn Presence

- Ian, Consultant

""Amelia's work was fantastic, really gave us an insight into how to move our business to the next stage!"

"really gave us an insight into how to move our business to the next stage!"

– Sarah, 
Simply Sarah Taylor Coaching

“Fabulous work! It was great that Amelia got a sense of me and the style of profile that would work best. It was great working with her, and I would highly recommend it. Looking forward to working with Amelia on other projects.”

"Amelia got a sense of me and the style of profile that would work best"

The outcome will be copywriting that connects to your clients  to prove you're the best match for their needs. Your business grows.

Step 3: you celebrate

Now I'll get familiar with your business and inspire your target market through words. I'll draft a piece that appeals and connects. We can adjust it to suit.  

Step 2: i write

Once you've decided to work with me, I'll send you some questions about your business that are designed to ensure we have all the ingredients we need to succeed. 

Step 1: we connect

Here's the plan

ready to grow? get in touch for copywriting services now

1. I will work with you until you're happy with the outcome. I know how important it is for you to feel confident when running your business and that means you need powerful copywriting behind you to back you up.

how many revisions do i get with each piece?

2. We will work it out somehow. I am a very fair person, I like happy customers. I'm not going to make you pay if you just hate it and won't be using it. However, we will go through a revision process first as sometimes it's just a matter of tweaking and changing the voice to get your copy where it needs to be. 

What if I don't like what you write? 

3. The process I use is well proven. When you hire me, I will send you some questions. These questions are focused on your business and designed to draw out all the right answers for me to write about. 

how will you know how to portray my business?

4. This can vary from a few hours to several days. It depends how many jobs I have on my schedule, how complex your project is and the size of it.

how long will it take to turnaround my project?

5. You send me your cv or provide me with information about what you've been doing, and what you'd like me to promote about you. I can do research on this too if you give me your job titles or descriptions.

You could also send me a couple of links to jobs that you are interested in, to give me a flavour of where we are going. Then you can either send me links to profiles that you like the style of, or I can create a profile for you using my experience in terms of what I think will work best for you. 

If it's not quite right for you, then we will use it as a starting point on what you do and don't like and take it from there. Happy to do as many revisions as it takes to get it there as sometimes it takes a little bit as I don't know everything (believe it or not! ha ha!).  I have written hundreds of profiles for all kinds of people at all levels - we should be able to put together something that you love with a bit of teamwork. 

I work afternoons and evenings Monday to Friday.   I would need a day or two to write it for you. 

Tell me more about how you write my linkedin profile

let's take your business from the ordinary to the extraordinary with exceptional copywriting

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• I'll show you how you can make more income from your existing client base at the same time as making them happier!! Win win for everybody! 

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