white paper benefits

A white paper has many benefits to business including convincing prospects of the value of your product or service and the generation of qualified leads.  Writing a blog post or even an email isn’t always enough to showcase the depth of your knowledge and how well designed your products and services are. Not only does […]

White Paper Benefits for Business

Getting found with LinkedIn search can turn your fortunes around. LinkedIn is a goldmine of opportunity, contacts and potential profits. Here are a few ways that will help you get discovered more easily. To get started with a LinkedIn account, you just need an email address. Whether you opt to set up a personal page […]

10 Ways to Increase Getting Found with LinkedIn Search

We’re on day 3 of 7: How to Find Time For Your Ideal Morning Routine. This is part of a 7-day mini challenge to makeover mornings for productivity. It’s no secret that mornings are busy and they can be hectic. If you have family members who you need to help get ready and get out […]

7 Day Challenge: 3. How to Find Time For Your Ideal Morning Routine

We’re on Day 2 of our 7 Day Mini Challenge for Mornings. How to Make Your Perfect Morning. Here’s a question for you. What’s important to you? What’s something that if you did it every day would make a huge difference in your life, but it’s so hard to find the time for it? Or […]

7 Day Challenge: 2. How to Make Your Perfect Morning

We are on the first day of our 7-day challenge of making over our mornings for productivity. Start as you mean to go on. When it comes to mornings, this is definitely how it goes for me. If I start well and follow through on my morning routine, I can deliver outstanding productivity for the […]

7 Day Challenge: 1. The Positive Impact of a Good Morning Routine

This 7-day challenge will help you to achieve far more than you usually would and it will also increase your focus. If you follow it all the way through – it will transform your life for the better! I love the mornings. Starting the day off in the right way is what makes all the […]

7 Day Challenge: Make Over Your Mornings for Ultimate Productivity

You’ve finally got your new business up and running. Now all you need are people to sell your products or services to. If you’re already signed up on LinkedIn then that is an excellent place to get started. Once you’ve established a presence there and have put up an easy to read and communicative profile, […]

5 Quick Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Connections

There are many reasons why every business owner needs to know how to write an elevator speech. The primary one is a result of the fact that people are busy. They can be just as busy or even busier than you. People have a billion other things on their mind as they go about their […]

How To Write An Elevator Speech For Your Business

What makes your business unique? Think about it for a moment. Every business is unique in it’s own way and it’s this that will have people coming back to you for more. If you were to model your business on another entirely, then there would be no reason to use your business over the other […]

What Makes Your Business Unique?

No matter what your niche is, your competition can help you to promote your business in ways that you’d never thought were possible. You just need to know what to look for and what to apply. There is a lot to be said for benefiting from the efforts and successes of others. Not having to […]

How Your Competition Can Help You to Promote Your Business

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